Learning Programming Again and Again and Again…

After 4 years electronic technician career, I changed my profession to a desk job which is software engineering. To do this change I had to learn many things that I didn’t know before and I had to be quick because colleagues were younger and fresher than me. However, I succeed and I started to work in a small company in 2008.

At that time, I used web forms were so popular, because of my course I wrote my programs with vb.net and a lot of stored procedure. There weren’t git, test, MVC or agile.(Maybe they were but no one knew them) So I changed my company couple of times and then last year I realised that I chose wrong companies for my career. When I went to a meetup, I couldn’t understand what they are talking about. Then I started to research all of these concepts, languages, techniques.

Now I have opportunity to learn and use new technologies in my new job but now problem is there are so much things to learn and no time to spend learning.

I learnt the hard way that choosing right company is the most important thing in your career, choose wisely. Think about what you want to be at the age of 30 or 40 or 50 and decide what is best for you.