Time is precious do not waste it.

I’m a software engineer and recently I have realized, I was far from being productive. My daily routine was.. uhm couldn’t find one. Opening youtube, watching NBA or watching about life hacks or making extra money online or how procrastination ruins others’ life !

One day, during the weekly meeting, I noticed that I haven’t finish a thing last 2 days. It strikes me that I’m not hard-worker anymore. I lost my motivation on the way of work life but I don’t know when I became this person. I tried to figure out, but most importantly I had to find out how to fix this.

I sat in the train took my journal in my hands and thought about what made me loose my motivation. First thing I found some obvious things like youtube, spotify, reading news even reading emails.

The next day, first thing in the morning, I have unplugged my headset from the computer and put in the drawer. I have installed Firefox and delete chrome to do a fresh start. I made a to-do list for the day and the week just using paper not Trello. I have tried to use Pomodoro Technique with an online timer but it didn’t work for me.

Today, I feel much better and definitely happier. I release endorphin everyday. I read emails only twice a day, one around 10am other one around 3pm. I still watch youtube but just to let it all hang out. I try not to eat at my desk. I go out and have a walk for 30min in my lunch break. It is refreshing. Most importantly, I finish works, I’m aware of the details, make less mistakes and feel energized.

After all, if you are like me, living in shadows and killing precious time of yours, please watch this and think what can you do for yourself.